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Australia. Dated 1936/11/24. Nine "AIR MAIL LATE FEE SYDNEY" cds tie three Scott 114 & twelve Scott 116 on air post cover to Sweden. Blue By Air Mail label at top. Typed "BY AIR MAIL/Australia/Greece/Sweden at upper left. Reverse with Dec 7 Athens, Greece transit cds.
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Australia. Dated 1962/02/09. Dubbo machine ties two 2sh Flannel Flower (#327) on double weight airmail cover. Stamp dealer return printed on address label.
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United States. Dated 1930/04/09. Pago Pago Samoa cds ties Australia 3d (#C1), U.S. 2c (#627) & 5c (#650) on cover to London forwarded to New York. Violet "RETURN TO SENDER/Unknown" hand stamp. Reverse with Samoa cds & pencil "Not Known Strand West." 3p pays Australian domestic air mail rate, 2c pays treaty rate to London, 5c pays UPU rate to New York.
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United States. CA. San Francisco, CA. San Francisco Co. Dated 1947/07/30. Machine cancel ties 25c (#C36) on first day cover to Australia. Aug 7 Geelong cds ties 1sh/6p (#C5) used as postage to redirect the cover to Pennsylvania.
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New Jersey
United States. NJ. Ridgefield Park, NJ. Bergen Co. (open 1887/+). Dated 1949/12/18. Machine cancel ties 25c (#C44) on cover to South Australia. 18 Dec. Adelaide machine, 29 Dec. Norwood, 3 Jan. Goodwood, 4 Jan. Norwood, 6 Feb. Norwood & 7 Feb. Adelaide DLO cds. "Unknown By Postmen Norwood" & "Unclaimed" handstamps. Violet Pointing Hand "Rebuts From Exchange Office, Seattle, Wash." completes the postal markings.
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New York
United States. NY. New York, NY. New York Co. (open 1775+). Dated 1954/06/10. Double oval cancels tie 15c (#820), two 20c (#825) & 25c (#C36) on registered air mail cover to Australia. 25c airmail postage, + 55c registry fee.
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United States. PA. Philadelphia, PA. Philadelphia Co. Dated 1989/10/15. Machine cancel ties 45c Langley (#C118) on airmail cover to West Germany with magenta "International Mail Service Missent Sydney N.S.W. Australia" hand stamp.
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