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Australia. Dated 1954/01/08. 2sh Coronation blk4 tied by Rundle Street cds on registered letter to the U.S. Reverse with Jan 14, 1954 Grand Central Sta. cds.
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United States. MN. Minneapolis, MN. Hennepin Co. Dated 1902/01/11. VF purple dc + corks tie fine 10c (#283) & 8c (#272) on registered cover to Natal forwarded to Australia & eventually returned to Minnesota with manuscript notation "8/5/02 (?) Cussler & hand stamp "Request". The original red (tied in two places) NY "EXCHANGE" label was removed as it was over the stamps. DLO hand stamps of Melbourne (June 13) & Minneapolis (?) 8c double weight postage + 10c registered fee paid for all the destinations. Cover trimmed right with light soiling.
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