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Brazil. Dated 1936/04/04. CDS tie 200r pair, 100r, 600r & 3500r on post card to Friedrichshafen (10/4 rec'd cds). CONDOR/ZEPPELIN/LUFTHANSA hand stamp at left.
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Germany. Dated 1936/04/01. DEUTSCHE LUFTPOST HINDENBURG cds tie 25pf, 50pf & 75pf on first flight cover to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Red cachet and blue label at lower left. Reverse with receiving cds.
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Israel. Dated 1957/04/11. 50p Dan (#109) & 500p Waterfall (#C14) tied by Lod cds on registered first flight cvr. to Brazil.
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United States. IL. Chicago, IL. Cook Co. Dated 1935/08/29. Duplex cancels tie fourteen 1c (#728) and twelve 3c (#729) on correct 50c rate air mail cover to Brazil. On reverse is 7 Sept Saint Paulo cds.
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New York
United States. NY. New York Hudson Terminal Annex, NY. New York Co. (open 1930-1937). Dated 1932/01/27. Duplex cancels tie correct 50c postage on air mail cover to Brazil. Air routing New York, Miami, Brazil (Porto Alegre b/s).
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United States. OH. Cincinnati, OH. Hamilton Co. Dated 1944/01/27. Double oval cancels tie six different Overrun Nations + 10c (#C27) & 15c (#C28) on air mail registered cover to Brazil with censor tape at left. 40c air postage, 15c registry fee.
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