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Colombia. Dated 1903/09/16. Red Cartegana cds ties Scott 202b pair & Scott 286 on registered cover to England. Red on green Colombia registry at left, red on white New York registry label over stamps, 3 Oct. British registry hand stamp & British blue crayon registry marking. 60c pays 40c 2x letter rate + 20c registry fee. Reverse with 30 Sept. New York double oval transit & 7 Oct. Colchester receiving cds.
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Colombia. Dated 1925/07/15. Barranquilla cds tie 3c Arms, 15c Airplane & 20c "R" Airplane on registered cvr (horizontal fold away from stamps) to Cartagena (no b/s).
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Colombia. Dated 1929/11/29. Bogota cds tie two 8c Arms, 20c Volcano "R" ovpt. & 30c Volacno on registered cvr (trimmed top) to France (Barranquilla b/s).
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Colombia. Dated 1931/03/21. Bogota cds ties 8c Arms, 10c Cordoba, 50c Volcano pair & 20c Volcano Registry (#CF3) on registered cvr (open 3 sides) to the German Embassy in Washington, DC. Back with Barranquilla 22 III 1931 transit. Mew UPrl 4/2/1931 transit & Washington, DC 4/3/1931 rec'd h/s. Red and purple registered h/s on front. Letter from the Germany Embassy in Bogota .
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