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Czechoslovakia. Dated 1920/05/21. Berlin cds ties Scott #124 on window envelope to Marienbad, Czechoslovakia. At left is stp3 of 30h (J6) tied by "MERIANSKEIZELAZNE 1/MARIENBAD 1" cds. The cover underpaid 80pf. Crayon "90" collection mark, the dues pay underpayment and penalty.
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Czechoslovakia. Dated 1933/07/23. Stary Smokovec machine cancel ties Scott 192 & 193 on correctly rated post card to Paris, France with internal forwarding to Dieppe. France J34, tied by Dieppe precancel over Dieppe cds & "T" in triangle, pays 30c Poste Restante (general delivery) forwarding fee. Reverse with photo of waterfalls + partial "Orleans" machine slogan cancel.
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Germany. Dated 1929/07/13. Berlin cds tie two 100pf Numerals (328) & a 30pf Ebert (8378) on registered package card to Czechoslovakia with 40h Due (J62) tied by Jaromer cds.
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United States. IA. Oskaloosa, IA. Mahaska Co. Dated 1939/10/18. Machine cancel ties 3c (#856) on short paid cover (vertical fold) to Czechoslovakia with 2k postage due paying the deficit. Nov. 5th Prague cds on reverse.
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United States. IL. Chicago Hawthorne Station, IL. Cook Co. (open 1894+). Dated 1919/11/24. Machine cancels tie two Scott 29 on letter sheet to Chicago with internal re-direction. Three Scott OX15 used to seal the top of the letter sheet. Reverse with purple "Received in bad Condition Chicago, Ill. Main Post Office No. 4" hand stamp & 24 Nov. Chicago Hawthorne Station receiving machine.
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United States. MA. Boston, MA. Suffolk Co. (open 1639+). Dated 1929/04/30. Machine slogan tie Scott 634 on post card to Czechoslovakia. 3c post card rate underpaid. Magenta "T 10/Centimes hand stamp at bottom. May 5 Smichow receiving cds ties 1k Scott J65 at upper left to pay postage & penalty. 1k equal to 10 centimes. Reverse shows The Copley Plaza hotel.
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United States. WI. De Pere, WI. Brown Co. Dated 1936/08/03. CDS ties 5c (#744) on cover to Hamburg, Germany forwarded to Prague, Czechoslovakia. Prague 14 Aug. cds ties 10h stp3 (#153) to pay postage due.
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