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Czechoslovakia. Dated 1920/05/21. Berlin cds ties Scott #124 on window envelope to Marienbad, Czechoslovakia. At left is stp3 of 30h (J6) tied by "MERIANSKEIZELAZNE 1/MARIENBAD 1" cds. The cover underpaid 80pf. Crayon "90" collection mark, the dues pay underpayment and penalty.
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Czechoslovakia. Dated 1933/07/23. Stary Smokovec machine cancel ties Scott 192 & 193 on correctly rated post card to Paris, France with internal forwarding to Dieppe. France J34, tied by Dieppe precancel over Dieppe cds & "T" in triangle, pays 30c Poste Restante (general delivery) forwarding fee. Reverse with photo of waterfalls + partial "Orleans" machine slogan cancel.
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Czechoslovakia. Dated 1972/10/10. Prague cds ties 2k Due (#J102) on local use cover (reduced left) with blue "T" h/s.
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Germany. Dated 1929/07/13. Berlin cds tie two 100pf Numerals (328) & a 30pf Ebert (8378) on registered package card to Czechoslovakia with 40h Due (J62) tied by Jaromer cds.
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United States. CA. San Francisco, CA. San Francisco Co. (open 1849+). Dated 1907/08/12. Machine cancel ties Scott 304 on cover to Prague, forwarded to Pisek with 20 Aug. Praha receiving cds. Indistinct hand stamp may indicate the letter was received and then placed in a mail box. Reverse with 28 Aug. Praha & 30 Aug. Pisek cds.
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United States. IA. Oskaloosa, IA. Mahaska Co. Dated 1939/10/18. Machine cancel ties 3c (#856) on short paid cover (vertical fold) to Czechoslovakia with 2k postage due paying the deficit. Nov. 5th Prague cds on reverse.
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New York
United States. NY. Buffalo, NY. Erie Co. Dated 1984/09/14. Machine cancel ties 40c Olympics (#C107) on properly paid airmail cover to Czechoslovakia. 9/25 Ostrava cds on back. Blue Foreign Exchange hand stamps on front & back. The cover contents were inspected and found to have currency. Registration became required and a Prague registration label was applied. The registration fee was paid by 1k & 2k postage dues tied by an indistinct 9/25 cds Blue T3-Kcs control number, two other hand stamps state the owner was notified and that the cover was returned to the owner .
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