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Czechoslovakia. Dated 1920/05/03. Chomutov cds tie Scott 1, 34, 43 (2) & E2 on registered cover (clipped corner) to New Jersey. Chomutov registry label at left. On reverse are three charity labels and a New York Reg'y Div h/s.
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United States. CA. San Francisco, CA. San Francisco Co. (open 1849+). Dated 1907/08/12. Machine cancel ties Scott 304 on cover to Prague, forwarded to Pisek with 20 Aug. Praha receiving cds. Indistinct hand stamp may indicate the letter was received and then placed in a mail box. Reverse with 28 Aug. Praha & 30 Aug. Pisek cds.
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Dist Of Columbia
United States. DC. Washington, DC. District of Columbia Co. (open 1791+). Dated 1948/12/10. Multiple issues tied by Washington, DC duplex cancels on cover originating in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Purple "This article originally mailed/in country indicated by postage" hand stamp at lower right. No postal markings on reverse.
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United States. IL. Chicago, IL. Cook Co. (open 1831+). Dated 1891/03/25. Duplex "F" ties #223 on cover to Prague, Austria (at the time). Reverse with Mar 2? New York "45" duplex transit & smudged Prague receiving cds.
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United States. IL. Chicago Hawthorne Station, IL. Cook Co. (open 1894+). Dated 1919/11/24. Machine cancels tie two Scott 29 on letter sheet to Chicago with internal re-direction. Three Scott OX15 used to seal the top of the letter sheet. Reverse with purple "Received in bad Condition Chicago, Ill. Main Post Office No. 4" hand stamp & 24 Nov. Chicago Hawthorne Station receiving machine.
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New York
United States. NY. New York Station D, NY. New York Co. (open 1874-1947). Dated 1924/05/12. Machine slogan cancel ties Scott 529 on U429 entire to Czechoslovakia. 23 May machine receiving cancel on reverse.
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