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Denmark. Dated 1894/09/09. Struer cds ties Scott 29 on H&G B12 entire to Philadelphia. 20o pays letter rate. Reverse with 10 Sept. Fredericia transit, 20 Sept. Philadelphia rec'd & 20 Sept. Spring Garden Street Station receiving cds. Outside line of red oval of the 12o is missing .
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United States. IL. Harpster, IL. Ford Co. (open 1878-1931). Dated 1889/03/09. CDS & target cancel on 3c underpaid entire to Denmark.
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United States. KY. Louisville, KY. Jefferson Co. (open 1795+). Dated 1928/08/01. CDS & double ovals tie Scott C4 on U311 first flight entire (reduced right) to Denmark with internal forwarding. Magenta First Flight cachet hand stamp at left, "VIA AIR MAIL" request with magenta cross-out bars as insufficient postage for airmail to Denmark, & 13 Aug Copenhagen receiving cds. Reverse with black on white "By Air Mail" label tied by cds. Markings are 2 Aug 2 PM New York transit, 2 Aug. 4:30 PM Varick Street Station transit & 12 August Flensborg (Denmark) transit.
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United States. MN. Hutchinson, MN. McLeod Co. (open 1856+). Dated 1926/04/28. Grid cancels tie Scott #515 & 557 on registered cover to Denmark. 25c pays 5c postage, 15c registry fee & 5c return receipt fee. Reverse with two 28 Apr. Hutchinson cds & two 30 Apr. New York Foreign double oval transit cancel. Early use of 15c registry/5c return receipt rate instituted Dec 1925.
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New York
United States. NY. New York, NY. New York Co. (open 1775+). Dated 1887/02/25. Double oval "E" on W283 wrapper to Denmark. 2c pays the printed matter rate. Danish receiving cds on reverse.
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New York
United States. NY. New York Madison Square Station, NY. New York Co. (open 1897+). Dated 1903/04/07. Two duplex cancels tie Scott 304 on cover (small faults) to Denmark. Front & reverse postal markings inc. black "T" denoting postage due, violet Danish (damaged in handling) hand stamp at upper left, red crayon "80" ore postage due (10c due + 10c penalty = 80 Danish ore), early usage red on brown Danish official seal (Drummond OS9 tied by extraneous marks), 17 April New York cds & 25 April Kjobenhavn receiving cds.
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United States. PA. Philadelphia Station E, PA. Philadelphia Co. (open 1863/1959). Dated 1894/11/01. Machine cancel ties 5c Lincoln on post card to Denmark with 11 Nov. "K" & 22 Nov. "F" Copenhagen cds at left. The card was rated as a letter as it was above the maximum size for a post card. Reverse shows the Union League building.
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United States. UT. Ephraim, UT. Sanpete Co. Dated 1862/12/01. Ms town on cvr (edge wear) to Denmark. 35c rate via Prussian closed mail through New York. Back faults not affecting pmks.
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United States. WI. Racine, WI. Racine Co. (open 1836+). Dated 1911/04/19. Machine cancel ties Scott 374a pair on post card to Denmark. 2000 APS Cert. #129448 states "genuine in all respects." At one time this was the earliest documented use. Reverse shows Racine country club .
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