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Czechoslovakia. Dated 1933/07/23. Stary Smokovec machine cancel ties Scott 192 & 193 on correctly rated post card to Paris, France with internal forwarding to Dieppe. France J34, tied by Dieppe precancel over Dieppe cds & "T" in triangle, pays 30c Poste Restante (general delivery) forwarding fee. Reverse with photo of waterfalls + partial "Orleans" machine slogan cancel.
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France. Dated 1886/02/12. New York cds on cover (reduced right, ur corner clipped), without return address or postage, to Paris, France with forwarding to Rome, Italy. New York opera glass "T 25" due blue 22 Feb. (U.S. 5c). Paris transit, 25 Feb. Rome receiving cds & red "AU DOS (on the back) hand stamps on face. Red crayon "50" shows amount due for 25c underpaid + 25c penalty that was paid by forwarder "Munroe & Co." of Paris. France Scott J16 & J20 to pay due are tied by cork & manuscript cancels. On reverse is 23 Feb. blue forwarder hand stamp, 23 Feb. Paris transit & 25 Feb. Rome receiving cds.
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France. Dated 1903/09/11. Midland T.P.O. ties 1d king on post card to Paris with writing on back of the card. Boxed "T"/15 h/s. Seine cds ties 30c Due, card forwarded to Loiret where it received a second 30c due.
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France. Dated 1903/09/14. Chelsea duplex ties Scott #127 on short paid post card to Boulogne, France. Boulogne cds ties Scott J30 at left. Pays 5c due + 5c penalty.
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France. Dated 1929/11/15. Cherbourg Marit. MANCHE machine cancel ties G.B. 1 1/2p George V (#161) & U.S. 2c (#650) on cover to New York. On reverse is Foreign Section hand stamp.
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France. Dated 1939/10/28. TOUL MEURTHE-ET-MOSELLE cds on post card to Luxembourg with French hand stamp & "T" hand stamp. 2 Nov. Wiltz receiving cds ties Scott J19 at upper left.
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Sweden. Dated 1927/12/07. Stockholm cds ties Scott 168 on picture post card to Germany. St. Gervais Les Baines cds (under and on dues) tie France Scott J30 & J32 on card to pay the 30c forwarding fee .
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United States. CA. Huntington Park, CA. Los Angeles Co. (open 1906/+). Dated 1929/11/13. CDS ties 2c (#681) on cover to France. New York T/30 Centimes handstamp and pencil "180." Gutter strip of three of France (#J39) pays the postage due. The cover redirected within Paris.
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United States. CO. Mesa Verde National Park, CO. Montezuma Co. Dated 1934/09/25. Machine cancel ties 4c (#743) on 1c short paid redirected first day cover to France. France 30c postage due pays the deficiency. Reverse with 17 Oct. Frejus cds.
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United States. IL. Evanston, IL. Cook Co. Dated 1953/06/26. Machine cancel ties 10c (#UC16a) on air letter to France. The cover returned to a different address in Chicago on Aug 13. Paris machine ties 3fr (#663) along with untied 50fr (#674).
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United States. LA. New Orleans, LA. Orleans Co. Dated 1948/07/24. Paris cds tie 33fr postage on reused patent air mail post card to New Orleans. New Orleans duplex cancels tie three 5c (#C33) on return trip to Paris.
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United States. MA. Boston, MA. Suffolk Co. Dated 1940/12/03. Machine cancel ties 2c (#806) & 3c (#856) on censored cover to France with violet "retour a l'envoyeui relations postale interrompues & magenta "return to sender/service interrupted" hand stamps.
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United States. ME. Kennebunkport, ME. York Co. (open 1816+). Dated 1888/08/06. VG cds & grid cancels tie 2c pair (#213) on cover to France. 10c French postage due as the cover was underpaid. Forwarded to Switzerland with Luzern cds on 10c due as forwarding fee.
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New York
United States. NY. New York Station H, NY. New York Co. (open 1867/1947). Dated 1903/12/25. Machine cancel tie Scott 304 on short paid cover to France with internal forwarding. New York "T 2 Centimes" due for 25c postage due & 25c penalty. French due (J38) over a second French due to pay correct due. Partial French Jan 3 receiving cds at lower left, 26 Dec. New York Foreign Branch cds on reverse.
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