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Germany. Dated 1929/04/08. Kornwestheim, German double circle cds ties 2c (#649) on 1c postal card. The German at upper left reads "this card is permissible and valid" (true under UPU regulations).
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Germany. Dated 1929/12/05. Chemintz cds ties Germany 1M (#C32), stp3 of U.S. (#650) & U.S. special delivery (#E15) on airmail registered special delivery cover to San Francisco. Chemnitz 1 registry label, San Francisco Fee Claimed hand stamp. 1M to New York (?), 15c airmail to San Francisco, 10c special delivery.
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United States. CA. Los Angeles, CA. Los Angeles Co. Dated 1935/04/19. Double ovals tie 1c (#632), 7c (#746) & 3c (#750) on registered cover to Germany. 6c domestic air, 15c registry, 5c surface in Europe.
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United States. KY. Louisville, KY. Jefferson Co. (open 1795+). Dated 1927/12/05. Double oval cancels tie blk4 of 2c (#643) & a 17c (#623) on a registered air mail cover with return receipt requested. The return receipt (margin tears) is included. 5c postage, 15c registry, 5c return receipt. Cover with Louisville, New York & Berlin back stamps.
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United States. MO. Saint Louis, MO. St. Louis Co. (open 1804+). Dated 1926/06/17. Duplex "1" cancels tie Scott 628 pair & C7 on air mail cover to Germany. Reverse with June 11 New York transit, Jun 12 New York Varick Station rec'd & 28 June Eutin receiving cds. Required postage was 10c airmail St. Louis-Chicago over CAM 2, 5c govt. operated air Chicago-New York minus 2c domestic rate credit, + 5c air to Germany. The 20c postage became a 2c overpayment as the sender did not take into account the 2c U.S. domestic rate credit.
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New York
United States. NY. Buffalo, NY. Erie Co. Dated 1934/11/17. Double ovals tie 14c (#695) & 1c (#751) on registered cover to Germany. 5c surface + 15c registry.
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New York
United States. NY. New York, NY. New York Co. (open 1775+). Dated 1929/11/13. Machine and cork cancels tie 2c (#681) & 5c pair (#637) on 1c postal card. An S.S. Bremen Catapult card. 3c postage + 10c Catapult fee.
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United States. OR. Portland, OR. Multnomah Co. Dated 1934/12/22. Double ovals tie 1c (#739), 4c blk4 (#743) & 7c (#746) on registered cover (faults) to Germany. Violet "Avis-de-reception (return receipt requested" handstamp at left. Reverse with "(received) in bad condition at (foreign annex?) hand stamp. New York double ovals tie post office seal (#OX23) to partially cover damage. Three Christmas seals (all belong, one tied) (#WX68) on envelope flap. There is a partial Gluckstadt cds near the post office seal. 9x (5c+ 3x8c) postage 29c + 15c registry fee + 5c return receipt fee overpays rate by 1c..
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