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Finland - Aland. Dated 1943/11/04. Mariehamn posthorn cds ties 3 1/2 Lion (#176A) on cvr to Germany with censor tape and violet censor handstamp.
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Germany. Dated 1936/06/25. Gera cds tie 25pf Hindenburg (#325) & three 50pf (#C57) on Hindenburg flight to North America. Reverse with censor labels tied by 26 June Frankfurt cds.
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Germany. Dated 1947/01/. Dietlingen cds tie Scott 546 stp3 on cover (edge tear away from stamps) to Fleetwood, PA. Censor h/s & censor tape at left.
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Germany. Dated 1947/06/16. Goppingen cds ties 75pf numeral over 6c U.S. airmail entire to Michigan with "US CIVIL CENSORSHIP/FFM" h/s.
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Germany. Dated 1947/07/21. Nurnberg cds ties 15 & 60pg Numerals on cover to PA with red "CIVIL CENSORSHIOP/MUNICH" machine.
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Japan. Dated 1919/01/08. Bando POW camp cds on partially printed cover to Berlin, Germany with internal forwarding. Partial red oval "DES PRISONNIER DE GUERRE" hand stamp, violet "CENSORED" hand stamp & red Japanese censored hand stamp. No markings on reverse.
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United States. IL. Chicago, IL. Cook Co. (open 1831+). Dated 1916/08/25. Duplex "1" cancels tie two 1c (#424), two 2c (#425) and a 5c (#428) on triple rate (5c+3c+3c) cover (wrinkles) to Germany. "OPENED BY CENSOR/4101" label on reverse.
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New York
United States. NY. New York, NY. New York Co. Dated 1937/05/15. Double ovals tie 3c Army (#787) 2c Navy (#791) & 15c Liberty (#696) on surface rate registered cover to Germany with censor tapes.
Cover #92631 | Price: $15.00
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United States. OH. Cincinnati, OH. Hamilton Co. (open 1794+). Dated 1921/06/18. Double ovals tie Scott 548 and C2 pair on U429 registered cover to Germany. Pays 5c letter rate + 10c registry fee. Registry hand stamp & control numbers, Censor tape at left. Reverse with black "CL" was seal, Hamburg censor hand stamp, two 18 June Cincinnati cds, two 20 June New York transit ovals, & 9 July Munich receiving cds.
Cover #84003 | Price: $125.00
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United States. TN. Franklin, TN. Williamson Co. (open 1801+). Dated 1940/09/17. Duplex "1" cancels tie 20c (#C9) & 10c (#C10) on single rate air post cover to Germany. Two air mail labels attached. Reverse with Nazi censor tape tied by eagle censor h/s.
Cover #82910 | Price: $50.00
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