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Germany. Dated 1956/10/04. Schweinfurt cds ties Scott 717 on double rate cover to Florida with forwarding to Guatemala. Reverse with double strike of 8 Oct. Marathon Shores Rural Station cds (Monroe County 1955-1963) & 10 Oct. Correos De Guatemala slogan cancel .
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United States. AK. Dolomi, (open 1900-1926). Dated 1906/06/06. Fine Doane 3/1 (eku) ties avg 2c (#319) & avg 1c (#300) on 2c (U385/w flts) entire to Germany with Ketchikan transit & Rauschenberg b/s.
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United States. AR. Sanders, AR. Hot Spring Co. (open 1886-1917). Dated 1893/09/04. Ms town & date on Scott U311 entire insufficiently paying the 5c letter rate. Ms "Due 3cts" at upper left, New York opera glass "T 15 Centimes" hand stamp & Germany blue crayon "25" (pfenning due). Due 3c + 3c penalty. Reverse with 17 Sept. Weiler receiving hand stamp.
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United States. CA. Bartlett Springs, CA. Lake Co. Dated 1887/08/04. VG purple double outer line double oval & cork on 2c postal card to Germany. Williams LAK-230
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United States. CA. Los Angeles, CA. Los Angeles Co. Dated 1936/08/19. Double ovals tie blk6 3c (#783) & 10c (#C10) on registered cover to Berlin, Germany. Air from Los Angeles to New York 8c, surface by S.S. Bremen to Germany 5c, 15c registry fee.
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United States. GA. Huguenot, GA. Elbert Co. Dated 1898/01/20. Fine cds & target on 5c entire to Germany.
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United States. IL. Englewood, IL. Cook Co. (open 1868-1894). Dated 1891/10/26. Berlin cds tie Scott 48 pair on short paid cover to Englewood, Illinois. Partial blue crayon "T" at upper left. "T" in oval & 6 Nov. New York DUE 10 CENTS hand stamps. The charge of 5c postage due + 5c penalty was paid using Scott J26 tied by Nov. 8 Englewood cds which is repeated on the reverese .
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United States. KS. Milberger, KS. Russell Co. (open 1903-1911). Dated 1905/12/30. Fine Doane 2/1 ties avg 3c (#302) on 2c entire (faults) to Germany.
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New York
United States. NY. New York Station Y, NY. New York Co. (open 1894-1947). Dated 1929/08/19. Duplex "Y" ties Scott C9 & C10 on air post cover to Germany. Typed "via S.S. 'ILE de FRANCE and Airmail SHIP to SHORE, Poste Aerienne PARIS-LEIPZIG" at upper left. "With air transportation to Leipzig" hand stamp in German. At lower left is typed PRINTED MATTER. 30c postage pays the 1c U.S. printed matter rate, 25c ship to shore service & 4c air rate from France to Germany. Reverse with Aug. 27 Paris transit cds.
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United States. UT. Kanarraville, UT. Iron Co. Dated 1902/05/12. Fine cds & targets tie 2 fine 2c (#279B) on 2c entire (reduced rt into stamp) to Germany forwarded to Danzig (b/s).
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