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Belgian Congo. Dated 1923/08/07. Postes Miliatries cds on H&G 19 to Brussels, with three times internal forwarding, with reply card attached. Blue on white "unknown" label with manuscript notes has been crossed out. Black 330/D in circle carrier hand stamp to left of stamp.
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Germany. Dated 1922/09/17. Berlin cds ties Scott 186 on post card to Stockholm, Sweden. Short paid the 350pf rate by 50 pf. Black framed "T.", black on green 25o postage due label ato top. Sweden 117 & 170 with manuscript cancels pay the amount due.
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Germany. Dated 1936/06/25. Gera cds tie 25pf Hindenburg (#325) & three 50pf (#C57) on Hindenburg flight to North America. Reverse with censor labels tied by 26 June Frankfurt cds.
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Germany. Dated 1948/06/22. Hersfeld cds tie 11 marks & 4pf in stamps on currency reform cover. 10m 50pf old stamps at 1/10th (1.5m), 52pf new currency. Hersfeld registry label, two black on red Durch Gilboten labels.
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St. Vincent. Dated 1896/02/17. Two Kingstown identical upside down cds "tie" Scott #54 on registered cover to Germany. Large "R" in oval at left, red 5 Mar London Registered oval at right. On reverse is St. Vincent registry label & Hamburg Mar 6 receiving cds.
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United States. CA. Santa Monica, CA. Los Angeles Co. Dated 1970/01/15. Machine cancel ties 40c Paine (#1292) & 45c Arrows (E22) on airmail special delivery cover to Germany. Double weight air 40c, 45c special delivery fee.
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New Jersey
United States. NJ. Newark, NJ. Essex Co. (open 1776+). Dated 1930/03/26. VG duplex cancels tie 5c (#637), 10c (#642) & 10c (#E15) on special delivery cover (light vertical fold away from stamp) to Germany with bookseller c/c. Ms routing message at left, two tied special delivery labels.
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New York
United States. NY. Cortland, NY. Cortland Co. (open 1880+). Dated 1898/06/09. Three duplex cds tie Scott 279 & 279B on U311 entire to Berlin, Germany. Reverse with Jun 10 New York machine transit & Bestellt receiving cds. At right is lack on blue postal label in German stating the letter was delayed in delivery due to a lack of sufficient address with instructions to prevent the delay.
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United States. TN. Franklin, TN. Williamson Co. (open 1801+). Dated 1940/09/17. Duplex "1" cancels tie 20c (#C9) & 10c (#C10) on single rate air post cover to Germany. Two air mail labels attached. Reverse with Nazi censor tape tied by eagle censor h/s.
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