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Cook Islands. Dated 1895/04/12. Rarotonga cds (Burge type A3) tie Scott 10-14 on registered cover to Germany with violet framed registry hand stamp (Burge type A2 earliest use) at lower left. Reverse with 23 April Auckland transit, 9 June Bologna, Italy transit & 10 June Aue receiving cds.
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Germany. Dated 1910/09/14. Posted on the ship "Prinz Eitel Friedrich" with "Deutsche Seepost Ost Asiatische Linie" cds tying Scott 68 on post card to PA. with photo of the harbor and Post Office in Penang. 14 Sept. Penang transit cds to left of stamp .
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Japan. Dated 1919/01/08. Bando POW camp cds on partially printed cover to Berlin, Germany with internal forwarding. Partial red oval "DES PRISONNIER DE GUERRE" hand stamp, violet "CENSORED" hand stamp & red Japanese censored hand stamp. No markings on reverse.
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Philippines. Dated 1905/09/19. Manila duplex "5" ties Scott 230 on cover (vertical fold) to Germany with Oct. 20 Hamburg receiving cds on reverse.
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United States. HI. Kekaha, Dated 1891/06/13. CDS ties cds on UX2 postal card to Bremen, Germany forwarded to Karz, Germany. Postmarks include 14 June Honolulu duplex "2" transit, 23 June San Francisco transit, indistinct 11 July cds, two 19 July Bremen rec'd/transit & Karz cds.
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