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Great Britain. Dated 1905/06/06. London cds tie 1d (Scott #128), pair of 3d (#132), pair of 9c (#136) & a 5sh (#140) on 280x191mm cover (faults) to New York. Pays 17 ounce rate. All stamps with "JHS & Co." perfins. Reverse with New York rec'd h/s. Scan slightly cropped at right.
Cover #82776 | Price: $900.00
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Great Britain. Dated 1906/02/. Registered Lombard St. cds tie 3p (#132), 1sh vertical pair (#138) and 2sh6p (#139) on registered cover to New York. Pays 11 ounce rate + 2p registration fee. All stamps with "L&HB" perfins. Purple REGISTERED, black "R" in oval & blue 11886 h/s. On reverse are London & New York registered h/s.
Cover #82775 | Price: $790.00
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United States. CA. San Francisco, CA. San Francisco Co. (open 1849+). Dated 1915/12/14. Double ovals tie 10c (#400A) & 2c (#428) "PG&ECO" perfins on 2c registered entire (#U411) to England. 4c postage + 10c registry fee. Purple REGISTERED h/s at left. On reverse is PG&ECO wax seal, blue "14", San Francisco cds (2), New York Rec'd cds & New York FOR'GN oval.
Cover #82996 | Price: $90.00
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United States. IN. Indianapolis, IN. Marion Co. (open 1822+). Dated 1918/01/09. Double ovals tie 1c & 3c blk4 with "S&F" perfins on registered & censored cover to England. C/C for stamp dealer at upper left.
Cover #83242 | Price: $20.00
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