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Haiti. Dated 1928/02/07. Black Port Au Prince cds and red Lindbergh cachet tie 50c Borno (#318) on cover (edge faults). Light red "Avion" cachet at left. Reverse with 2 Feb 1928 Cape Haitien receiving cds. Carried on the last flight of the Spirit of Saint Louis.
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Dist Of Columbia
United States. DC. Washington, DC. District of Columbia Co. (open 1791+). Dated 1929/07/2?. Duplex cancels tie two 5c Aeronautics (#650) on air mail cover to Haiti with 29 Sept. Port-Au Prince cds on reverse.
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New York
United States. NY. New York, NY. New York Co. Dated 1936/03/02. Duplex cancel ties 20c (#C9) on cover to Haiti with illus. fish in logo of "McCormack & Zatzman" wholesale fish dealers.
Cover #91331 | Price: $15.00
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