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Hungary. Dated 1921/02/01. Budapest cds tie 5h, 15h margin pair & 1.20h on registered cover to Michigan. Registered label at left, black "HELP HUNGARY'S CHILDREN/AMERICAN RELIEF ADMINISTRATION" h/s at bottom. On reverse are five labels of "S. KELEN & CO./EXPORT & IMPORT STAMP CO." & New York Reg'y Div oval transit h/s.
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Hungary. Dated 1925/04/01. Szeged Legiposta cds tie 2500k pair (#384), #C6 & #C7-C9 vertical pairs on first flight cover (open three sides). Mueller #23. Faint violet h/s below part black on yellow "Legi posta" label; black "LEGI PO STA/SZEGED-BUDAPEST" hs, black LEGIPOSTAVAL/ERKEZETT" h/s & untied red/gray "AERO SZEGED-BUDAPEST" label. Back with Budapest 13 APR cds.
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Hungary. Dated 1937/06/09. Budapest cds tie Scott 504 (pair), 506 & C42 on express cover to Vienna, Austria. Opening tear, wrinkles, vertical fold away from stamps. Black on violet express label + auxiliary hand stamp at bottom. Reverse with 7 June Wien receiving cds that tie advertising label for NGL Bremen (opening tears).
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