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Ireland. Dated 1895/08/11. Cashel cds ties two GB 1p Victoria (#89) on short paid cvr to Pittburgh. Purple "37" ties US 2c postage due (#J32) over black "Collect Postage 2 Cents" hstp. NY & Pittsburgh cds on back.
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Ireland. Dated 1914/03/30. Belfast machine ties GB Scott 160 on short paid cover to Portugal. "T" in frame denotes postage due. Upgraded from printed matter rate to letter rate, the cover was 2p (20 centimes) due + 20 centimes penalty for 40 centimes due in Portugal. Postage due paid by Portugal 20 reis Scott J16 tied by 3 April Lisbon double oval hand stamp.
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Ireland. Dated 1951/06/02. Baile Atha Cliath machine cancel ties 3c postage on cover to Switzerland forwarded to Dublin. Boxed red "T/13" due marking, Zermati cds ties 15c Swiss postage due.
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