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Italy. Dated 1818/09/15. Torino cds tie Scott 94 & E1 on H&G 46 postal card to Vienna.
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Italy. Dated 1871/02/23. Milan cds & "181" in rectangle of diamonds tie Scott 32 on folded letter to London. with black P.D. hand stamp & red 27 Jan London PAID handstamp.
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Italy. Dated 1930/11/29. Milano cds ties Scott 301 & E8 on cover to New York. Pays 1.25 l letter rate plus 2.50 l for U.S. special delivery fee. Red on black express label at upper left, New York "Fee claimed..." hand stamp at right. Reverse (piece out) with 30 Nov. Milano transit, Genova New York...transit & New York receiving cds.
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Italy. Dated 1935/01/04. Rome cds tie Scott 223 & E14 on special delivery cover to Boston. Stamps paid 2.50 lira but the correct rate was 1.25 lira letter rate + 2.50 lira for special delivery within the U.S. The letter 1.25 lira short as indicated by the "FRANCOBOLLO INSUFFICIENTE" hand stamp. Magenta "FEE PAID AT BOSTON" indicates special delivery was honored but not paid for. Reverse with 16 Jan Boston Del. Sec receiving hand stamp.
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New York
United States. NY. New York, NY. New York Co. Dated 1958/05/2?. Machine cancel ties 15c (#C35) & 30c (#E21) on cover to Italy. 27 May Venezia cds on reverse. Air post 15c, Special Delivery fee 30c.
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