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Austria. Dated 1910/08/22. Marienbad cds ties Scott 113 on short paid post card to Luxembourg. Postage due of 5h plus 5h penalty paid by Luxembourg Scott J2 tied by Aug 23 Luxembourg-Garre cds. Reverse with photo of the Hotel Weimar in Marienbad.
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Belgium. Dated 1919/08/11. Charleroi cds ties Scott #111 on post card to Luxembourg. Short paid 5c that was doubled to 10c with penalty. Dommellange cds ties Scott J2 to pay postage due. Black "CENSURE MILITAIRE" & postage due "T" at top. Reverse with view of Charleroi "Place du Manege.".
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Belgium. Dated 1922/01/03. Brussels machine on H&G 75 postal card to Luxembourg. 15c underpaid was doubled to 30c due with penalty. Black postage due "T" hand stamp & blue crayon "30" in middle. Luxembourg Scott J9 tied by 4 Jan. cds to pay postage due.
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France. Dated 1939/10/28. TOUL MEURTHE-ET-MOSELLE cds on post card to Luxembourg with French hand stamp & "T" hand stamp. 2 Nov. Wiltz receiving cds ties Scott J19 at upper left.
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Luxembourg. Dated 1937/06/21. Paris machine slogan ties 50c France (#267) on window envelope to Luxemburg. Underpayment of 75c rate so "T" & "50" added along with 50c postage due (J16) to pay the due and penalty. The Alzette cds ties the postage due. The same cds is repeated on the reverse as a rec'd h/s.
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