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Guam. Dated 1899/10/21. Blue Agana, Isle of Guam straight line ties Scott 2 on cover to Camden, NJ. On reverse is Oct. 27 Mil. Sta No. 1 Manila, Phil Isl'ds rec'd/transit cds30, two Nov 30 Jersey City receiving cds (front & reverse) & 30 Nov. Camden machine flag.
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Guam. Dated 1899/12/13. SAN LUIS D'APRA, GUAM straight line & two fancy geometric cancels tie Scott 1, 2 & 5 on cover to Altoona, PA. Reverse with 6 Jan. Mil. Sta. No1. Manila transit cds & 3 Feb. Altoona Barr-Fyke machine receiving cancel.
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Philippines. Dated 1899/02/13. MIL.STA.NO.1 MANILA PHILIPPINES duplex ties 2c on cover to Mississippi (Mar 22 Vicksburg back stamp). Violet Chaplain endorsement at upper left.
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Philippines. Dated 1904/10/24. CAMP STOTSENBERG PAMPANGA duplex ties Scott 227 on cover to Michigan. Reverse with partial 24 Oct. transit, Nov. 29 Charlevoix transit & Nov 30 Norwood (1869-1913) receiving duplex.
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Philippines. Dated 1905/09/19. Manila duplex "5" ties Scott 230 on cover (vertical fold) to Germany with Oct. 20 Hamburg receiving cds on reverse.
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Philippines. Dated 1948/04/02. Manila United Nations slogan cancel ties 2c & 4c on penalty cover to Indiana. "Dept. of Posts" oval hand stamp at lower left. Content is printed list of stamps available.
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United States. CA. Claremont, CA. Los Angeles Co. Dated 1939/05/03. Machine cancel ties 3c Golden Gate (#852) on cover to the Philippines forwarded to the American Territory of Samoa.
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United States. FL. Tallahassee, FL. Leon Co. (open 1825+). Dated 1904/11/28. Machine cancel ties Scott 319 with guide line at bottom on cover to an Army Officer in the Philippines. 2c pays correct U.S. domestic rate. Reverse with 3 Dec. San Francisco machine transit & 23 Dec Manila rec'd cds.
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New York
United States. NY. New York Hudson Terminal Station, NY. New York Co. (open 1908/1930). Dated 1908/07/07. Machine cancel ties Scott 304 on cover (light vertical fold) to London, England with illustrated logo of F. E. Wallace & Co. Customs Broker at left. The cover was sent in error to Manila, Philippine Islands where it was received on 9 Aug. A second 10 Aug. Manila cds used as outgoing postmark, a Sept. 11 London postmark on reverse. Hudson Terminal Station opened July 1, 1908.
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