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Cuba. Dated 1862/02/15. Havana cds & oval cancel tie Scott 13 on folded letter to Cadiz, Spain, Partial transit cds & Cadiz cds on reverse. Content is two page letter in Spanish.
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Puerto Rico. Dated 1904/04/05. Doremus cancel ties Scott 304 on U393 double weight entire to Spain. Ms "Via New York to left of stamps. Reverse with 11 Apr. New York foreign branch transit & blurred 20 Apr. Barcelona receiving cds.
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Spain. Dated 1950/05/18. Madrid commemorative cancel ties Scott 752 & 766 on illustrated registered cover to Orleans, IN. Reverse with 14 June New York Reg'y Div. transit and violet Orleans 16 June receiving cds.
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United States. CT. New Haven, CT. New Haven Co. (open 1773+). Dated 1905/01/25. Machine flag ties Scott 304 with guide line on re-directed cover to the Canary Islands. Reverse with 26 Jan New York For. Sta. transit, 8 Feb. Cadiz transit, 22 Feb. Las Palmas transit & 24 Feb. St. Cruz receiving cds.
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United States. MI. Lansing, MI. Ingham Co. (open 1848+). Dated 1915/12/05. Machine cancel ties Scott 424 & two 425e on cover (light fold) to Spain. Violet double oal censor hand stamp at lower left, censor tape at left tied by hand stamp on reverse. Reverse with additional censor tape tied by cds, a second censor hand stamp & partial Pamplona 25 Dec receiving cds.
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