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Austria. Dated 1922/06/. VG Vienna cds ties 2k Arms on printed matter rate cover (open three sides, small faults) with violet "Drucksache" h/s. Cover turned and used from Graz, Austria to Switzerland with Swiss due tied by Herzogenburg cds.
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German States - Bavaria. Dated 1911/06/??. Bad Aibling cds (day indistinct) ties two Scott 93 on short paid cover to Baden, Switzerland. This is a triple weight cover requiring 40pf (50 centimes) due that was paid by Switzerland J33 tied by 13 June Baden cds. Blue crayon "50" (centimes) due marking in middle. Reverse with 13 June receiving cds. Staple holes on edges indicate an article of some weight was contained in the cover. Bavaria stamps were issued on June 10th.
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Germany. Dated 1897/12/08. Pinneberg cds ties Scott 47 on multicolor post card to Zurich, Switzerland. Short paid by 5pf or 6.25 centimes. With the penalty the rate became 12.5 centimes that was rounded up to 15c due in Switzerland. Blue caryon "15" in middle. 10 December Zurich cds tie J23 & J24 to show postage due payment.
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Germany. Dated 1922/09/17. Berlin cds ties Scott 186 on post card to Stockholm, Sweden. Short paid the 350pf rate by 50 pf. Black framed "T.", black on green 25o postage due label ato top. Sweden 117 & 170 with manuscript cancels pay the amount due.
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Ireland. Dated 1951/06/02. Baile Atha Cliath machine cancel ties 3c postage on cover to Switzerland forwarded to Dublin. Boxed red "T/13" due marking, Zermati cds ties 15c Swiss postage due.
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Switzerland. Dated 1927/11/16. Buch cds tie Scott 159 & 168 pair to Abbazia, Italy and forwarded to Wein, Austria. Blac "T" in circle denotes postage due. Short paid 5c + 5c penalty converted to 15gr that was paid by Austria J141 tied by 21 Nov. Wein cds. Reverse with receiving cds .
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United States. MA. Boston, MA. Suffolk Co. (open 1639+). Dated 1930/06/30. CDS ties 2c (683) on cover to London, England forwarded to Interlaken, Switzerland. Pencil "20" due, Swiss 20c postage due pays the forwarding fee.
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New York
United States. NY. New York, NY. New York Co. (open 1775+). Dated 1883/10/20. Mount Pleasant cds (state indistinct) & circular grid cancel tie #207 on cover to London with forwarding to Switzerland. Short paid by 2c. Markings on front and reverse include 20 Sept. New York transit, New York opera glass T Centimes, Oct 10 London cds, Oct 10 London squared circle hand stamp, London cds over the stamp, London "T" hand stamp, blue London "20" corrected to "30" centimes due for 10c due & 10c forwarding, "2d" handstamp, Oct. 11 Zurich receiving cds, & two Oct. 12 cds on Scott J18 & J19.
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United States. OH. Oberlin, OH. Lorain Co. (open 1835+). Dated 1908/07/14. Machine cancel on UX20 to Switzerland with internal forwarding. The card underpaid by 1c with New York 10c opera glass hand stamp to show 1c postage & 1c penalty due. Swiss blue crayon "10" (centimes) due. Swiss cds ties two Scott J20 dues pay postage due(2cents=10centimes). Reverse with 25 Aug. Carouge receiving cds.
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United States. PA. Pittsburgh Oakland Station, PA. Allegheny Co. (open 1894/+). Dated 1917/05/24. Machine cancel ties Scott 462a bottom pair on 3c underpaid cover to Switzerland. New York 30 centimes due hand stamp at lower left represents 6c due (3c postage + 3c penalty). Blue Swiss crayon "30" at left. Montana Vermala 13 June cds ties Swiss Scott J42 postage due at right. Reverse with part back flap missing & partial Montana Vermala receiving cds.
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