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Netherlands. Dated 1928/09/23. Amsterdam cds tie Scott B26-B32 (complete set) on forwarded registered post card to Switzerland. Reverse with multicolor Olympics scene, 1 Oct Geneva transit, 1 Oct. Carouge transit & 1 Oct. St. Prex receiving cds.
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Switzerland. Dated 1937/11/10. Schaffhausen cds ties Scott 228 & C8 on Germany H&G 148 registered postal card to Greenwich, CT. 50c pays the 20c card rate + 30c registry fee. The 75pf postal card was not counted as postage. "Einschreiben" hand stamp at top, 19 Nov. New York Reg'y Div oval at bottom right .
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Dist Of Columbia
United States. DC. Washington, DC. District of Columbia Co. (open 1791+). Dated 1915/08/23. Duplex "4" cancels tie Scott 424d (single & pair) on single rate U411 entire to Switzerland with censor tape at left & 15 Sept. Schaffhausen receiving cds on reverse.
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United States. MA. Boston, MA. Suffolk Co. (open 1639+). Dated 1917/12/17. Double oval ties Scott 404 (perf faults) & 466 on registered cover to Switzerland. Postage pays the 5c single letter rate + 10c registry fee. Reverse with 17 Dec. Boston cds (2), 18 Dec. New York transit (2) & 1 Oct. Kusnacht (Zurich) receiving cds.
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New Jersey
United States. NJ. River Edge, NJ. Bergen Co. Dated 1932/07/01. Target cancel tie 20c postage on registered cover to Switzerland. 5c postage, 15c registry fee.
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New York
United States. NY. New York Cathedral Hill Station, NY. New York Co. Dated 1925/08/04. NEW YORK N.Y. C.H. STA. REG ovals tie Scott 581 & 621 (2 pair) on registered air mail cover to Switzerland. 21c pays 5c letter rate, 6c London-Switzerland air rate & 10c registry fee. Registered & "AIR MAIL - LONDON/TO CONTINENT" hand stamps on face. Reverse with 4 Aug. New York C.H. Sta. hand stamp (2), 4 Aur New York Foreign hand stamp (2), 12 Aug London hand stamp & 13 Aug. Bern receiving hand stamp. 10 days transit.
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